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When they returned, the us coast guard searched the yacht, found the dope, then arrested the couple and seized the yacht.

Masonic tradition informs us that from time immemorial the fraternity held its meetings on high hills and in low vales in order to observe the approach of eavesdroppers.

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  • The brethren must have decided upon this cave as a permanent place of meeting, for twenty years later, a Mr. Davis conveyed by deed recorded in the clerk's office of Berkeley county, one and one-eighth acres of land on which the cave is located, to Samuel Washington.

    But there were no electric-lighting or ventilating systems in those days, and besides, the disagreements with the mother country were consuming all the time and thoughts of the patriots, and so the historic place was permitted to lapse into obscurity.

    There was a great outpouring of the membership.

    Thus was the legality of the Grand Lodge of West May established before the Painful world, and general recognition was not accorded to it by sister Grand Takes.

    The secretary's minutes of the meeting, still in possession of the Lodge and also of Mt. Smith, Secretary Pro Term, list on hundred and twenty-five members, with the statement, "and many other brethren.

    The procession moved Thence under escort of the Charlestown Artillery, commanded by Capt.

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    Rowan, and the Jefferson Guards by Capt. Packett, directed by Bros. Sappington and W.

    Ferguson, on horseback as Marshals, the whole being under special direction of Bro.

    John S. Harrison of Martinsburg as chief marshal and Bros. Seever and Morgan Johnson as assistant marshals, to the Presbyterian Church where the Ceremonies were opened by prayer by the pastor, Rev.

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    An Eloquent and appropriate address suitable to the interesting occasion which had called the fraternity together was then delivered occupying an hour and 20 minutes by Bro. Charles J. Faulkner of Martinsburg; giving an interesting account of the tradition of the Craft in connection with the Cave within three miles of Town in which it is said our, and our common country's distinguished brother and guest, the lamented and ever to be remembered George Washington held the first Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons ever assembled west of the Blue Ridge which tradition fixes about the year 1754.

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    Among other interesting Masonic relics, the orator held up to the Audience an apron of black silk velvet, presented more than a half century since to General Washington by the Grand Lodge of France, through the person of this early friend, brother and companion in arms, Bro.

    Gilbert M. This masonic relic is the property of Mt. Nebo Lodge, given to it by a descendant of Gen.

    Abell, where the brethren in a body partook of a sumptuous dinner served up in the usual style of that excellent caterer. Soon after dinner the craft again assembled at the Court House and resumed their labor, formed procession again and pro-Ceded on horseback to the cave.

    About 150 of the craft, two companies of volunteers, a band of music and a large number of citizens entered this subterraneous excavation rendered interesting to every good and zealous Mason as being the place in which their valuable tenants were first imparted into Western Virginia and one-half an hour and more were spent in exploring the different apartments of this wonderful natural curiosity.

    Which was accordingly so done and M. Lodge closed in due form" On that memorable day in 1844, it is recorded that "Bro.

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