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You definitely come with exceptional stories. The San Antonio Spurs, arguably the franchise the Jazz most closely try to emulate, have returned players who account for at least 75 percent of total minutes for 14 of the past 20 seasons.

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By contrast, teams that struggle — examples in recent years include the Nets, the Knicks and Lakers — are fraught with constant roster turnover. But committing to a group after a hot streak carries a risk: After the Miami Heat went 30-11 to close the -17 season, barely missing the playoffs, the franchise doled out four-year contracts to James Johnson, Dion Waiters and Kelly Olynyk.

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  • He compared area-level characteristics with subscription rates to draw associations between pornography subscriptions and region-level characteristics. Good social scientist that he is, he did not draw any conclusions about Mormon proclivities or culture specifically from that one data point of Utah.

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    This particular logically fallacious conclusion was problematized by a Deseret News article that requested the county-level pornography data used in the study. If pornography use was really driven by some complicated Mormon cultural mechanism, then all other things being equal the counties with a higher precentage of Mormons would have the highest rates, but in reality the counties with the highest rates are Sevier, Salt Lake, Morgan, and San Juan counties, hardly bastions of Mormon influence relative to other Utah counties.

    Nevertheless, in this small research note I look at an alternative measure of pornography use to further nuance the headline that Utah i. Google Trends is a relatively new but increasingly used research tool in the social sciences, and it provides a more generalizable measure that does not rely on the data from a single firm.

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    Therefore they will still have higher overhead than their oversea competitors. Without a product in a commoditized services in a cyclical industry, it will be a difficult to sustain any growth.

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