Doxycycline 100 mg in Chile

Doxycycline 100 mg in Chile

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The Philippines are already battered by yet another deadly typhoon. It can be a very common infection, and it is easily medicated if caught early. And make certain, when you let your cat out, there is not any long grass she's going to head for.

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Scrub typhus is rarely reported in travelers, most probably due to the lack of clinical experience and diagnostic tests in non-endemic countries. We report the first case of imported scrub typhus in South America.

Case presentation A 62-year-old tourist from South Korea presented severely ill with fever, rash, and eschar in Santiago, Chile.

Laboratory exams showed thrombocytopenia and elevated inflammation parameters, hepatic enzymes, and LDH. With the clinical suspicion of scrub typhus, empirical treatment with doxycycline was initiated and the patient recovered rapidly and without complications.


The diagnosis was confirmed by IgM serology and by real-time PCR, which demonstrated infection with Orientia tsutsugamushi Kawasaki clade. Conclusions Only due to the emerging clinical experience with endemic South American scrub typhus and the recent implementation of appropriate diagnostic techniques in Chile, were we able to firstly identify and adequately manage a severe case of imported scrub typhus in South America.

Physicians attending febrile travelers need to be aware of this rickettsiosis, since it requires prompt treatment with doxycycline to avoid complications. Background Scrub typhus is a vector-borne zoonosis caused by Orientia species that manifests as an acute febrile disease and has a potentially severe outcome.

After the bite of an infective chigger, a characteristic necrotic inoculation lesion termed eschar might develop, which typically contains high bacterial loads.

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The microorganism then spreads via lymphatics and blood, causing systemic manifestations and laboratory abnormalities such as elevated C-reactive protein CRP and liver enzymes. Although widely under-recognized, scrub typhus is considered the most important rickettsial infection worldwide threatening over a billion people and causing more than a million cases per year with substantial mortality.

Until recently, scrub typhus was associated with a single species.

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