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This study has been registered at EudraCT under registration no. Uncomplicated UTIs in women are caused predominantly by Escherichia coli but also by Proteus mirabilis and occasionally Klebsiella spp.

Up, antibiotic options for stepdown treatment are becoming side as the result of bacterial antibiotic resistance.
Discussion The study aims to show non-inferiority of oral fosfomycin, experienced to oral ciprofloxacin, in the stepdown treatment of E.
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For a long time, the gold standard of treatment for acute uncomplicated cystitis was trimethoprim TMP in combination with sulfamethoxazole SMX or TMP alone 4, at a dosage of 200 mg twice a day, as has been evaluated in various clinical trials 5, — 8.

Recent studies with patients with uncomplicated cystitis, however, showed a general increase in TMP and fluoroquinolone resistance 3.

In the past, fluoroquinolones have also been recommended as first-line treatment for uncomplicated cystitis 4.

Pocket Emergency Medicine (Pocket Notebook Series) 3rd Ed

Appreciation of possible collateral damage by fluoroquinolones and also a notable increase of fluoroquinolone resistance worldwide have led fluoroquinolones to no longer be considered first-line antibiotics for the treatment of uncomplicated UTI in most international guidelines 3, 11, 13.

Alternatives, including older antimicrobial drugs, for the treatment of UTI therefore need to be reevaluated. Its antimicrobial efficacy is based on its ability to chelate divalent cations 18. Although it has been in clinical use for many years, no increase in resistance has been observed for Escherichia coli, the most frequent uropathogen 19.

Subinhibitory nitroxoline concentrations inhibit the bacterial adhesion of E.

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Regulatory approval was received from the German Drug Agency approval no. Evaluations of urinary inhibitory titers UITs and urinary bactericidal titers UBT were performed with six volunteers and evaluation of urinary bactericidal kinetics UBK with three volunteers, who were shown to be healthy by medical history, physical examination, hematological analysis, serum chemistry, and urinalysis results.

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